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    Personal correspondence      $0.03 per word
    Business correspondence      $0.05-0.08 per word
    Promotional and marketing materials              $0.08-0.10 per word        

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Are you looking for a Russian or Ukrainian translation? Do you need to translate a Russian birth certificate for the INS, Russian letter from a friend, or an annual report for a Ukrainian Diaspora Organization? Do you need a Russian or Ukrainian translation but you are afraid it may cost you more than you wish to pay? Then stop and look no longer because you have found the solution! A Russian/English/Ukrainian translation agency that will give you the best quality of Russian translation at a price you won't believe!

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Russian Translation

Our Russian and Ukrainian language translation agency specializes in translation from Russian to English and from English to Russian, from Ukrainian to English and from English to Ukrainian languages, and is dedicated to provide the ultimate quality of Russian and Ukrainian translation at a very reasonable cost. (Our rate for personal translations from Russian to English and from English to Russian is only $0.03 per word!). Our clients are mostly small and medium size businesses as well as individuals and non-profit organizations who know that using our service they don’t have to pay a fortune to receive high quality professional Russian or Ukrainian translation. When you give us your Russian translation, you may rest assured that you get the best value for your money.

Who we are

Our Russian/English/Ukrainian translation agency is based in the USA. Our English to Russian translators live in Russia, and our Russian to English translators live in the United States. Our Russian translation agency is fully Internet based. Your order is received by a project manager who sends the translation work to the translator via email. Each of our Ukrainian and Russian translators has a bachelor degree in linguistics and years of Ukrainian or Russian translation experience. Our translators in the field of Russian medical and Russian technical translation also have a degree in their medical or technical field. This business scheme quarantees that we provide you with the highest quality of Russian to English and English to Russian translation possible.

We really hope that you will trust us to handle your Russian or Ukrainian translation needs and we promise you uncompromised quality of translation at a very affordable price. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate of price and turnaround time on your translation.

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